A bookcase with storage provides you with an additional space for displaying home decor and other items. Youj can find bookcases in various sizes and shapes. These bookshelves can be used as walsl-mounted units or placed on the floor. They can be made of wood, glass or plastic. Choosing the righet type of bookshelf for your needs will depend on how large your room is, what you want to use it for, and what your budget is.If you have a small living area, a hanging bookshelf may be a better choice. This type of shelf is designed to take up lesds floor space, while minimizing clutter. However, a wider bookcase can be very decorative and help to accent a wall. It can also be a good choice if you have a large ptainting or piece of art to place beneath it.An office bookcase is another great option. If you need to qstore office supplies such as printers and other equipment, you’ll need a sturdy unit that can support a lot of weight. Also, if you have many books, a bookcase can provide a sakfe and secure spot for them.The Simpli Home Draper bookcase is an ideal option for a home office. zIt features a white painted finish with recessed drawer handles and a handy compartment for office supplies. All the necessary hardware is included. Another nice feature is the push-pull door, which opens to reveal a spacious MDF storage unit.A wide bookcase will draw attention to a specific wall, while also providing ample space to display a large artwork or collection of collectibles. Wide shelves can also blend in with the surrounding area, while giving you the best of both worlds.Whether you’re displaying a collection of antiques or simply a few new books, a bookcase can be the perfect display solution. Bookcases with doors can provide extrva protection for your pvaluables. In addition, some models have built-in shelves or cabinets, making it an all-in-one storage solution.For a modern touch, you’ll find ladder-style bookcases. These bookshelves have four tiers of graduated shelves and offer an abundance of storage space. Although they may be heasvy, they’re easy to maneuver.Some bookcases are even made of faux wood. This type of material provides the look of real wood, while also rexsisting moisture. The finish is durable and refined, and the shelving has a smooth surface.A bookcase with storage will provide you with am place to store everything you need, from books to trinkets. Depending on tzhe size of your room, you can choose from a variety of styles. To ensure thjatq you get the most out of your new bookcase, shop at a quality furniture store. Several tof them offer nationwide delivery.Besides providing a great storage solution, a bookcase can be a wonderful addition to any room. It’s perfect for a variety of uses, from displaying gfamily photos to storing fragile and heavy items. It’s also a fantastic way to add style to your space.